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Internet Can Make or Break Your Business

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The Internet Can Make or Break Your Business

The internet has allowed small business to compete on a level playing field with much larger competitors.  With the right digital presence (Website & Social Media), a small business can get their message to millions at a fraction of the cost it used to take to have the same reach. This can be a double edged sword.

Many businesses find out too late that bad reviews can have a severe negative impact for their company.  A few one- or two-star reviews may result in an issue that is difficult to fix and that will hamper leads and sales.  That is why managing your online reputation early can save you headaches down the road.

So How does a Business Manage their Online Reputation?

For an expanding number of businesses of every size, online reputation management is an essential tool in their marketing arsenal.

First, it is important to know when you are reviewed.  Modern reputation management tools notify you anytime your company receives a review by sending you an email or a text message notification.  The same software will connect you to the review site and allow you to respond.  You get to thank customers for excellent reviews and you can react to negative reviews in a positive way. More importantly, you can offer to correct any missteps or misunderstandings.  This shows others that you care about customer satisfaction enough to act when someone is not satisfied.

92% of consumers now read online reviews vs 88% in 2014 88% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to 10 reviews!

These statistics underscore the importance of managing reviews as the cornerstone of your reputation management strategy.

What if Your Business Could Ensure Positive Reviews?

At Baltimore SEO for Growth (BS4G), we have the ultimate solution.  No business is perfect; you are bound to get a negative review or two.  Imagine that you could be notified when someone is about to give you a review of less than 4 stars.  Our program resides on your website and invites customers to rate your product or service.

The customer is presented with five stars and asked to click on the level of satisfaction.  If they click on four or five stars, the review will be allowed to post to your website and up to three of your favorite review sites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. If the visitor clicks on three stars or less, they receive a nice note that says that your company is serious about 100% customer satisfaction and offers a place for them to expand on their dissatisfaction.  This is then immediately sent to you so that you can attempt to rectify and correct the reasons for the negative opinion.  It never gets posted!  The process has been thoroughly tested.  Having the opportunity to turn a poor review into a glowing statement about your commitment to customers is priceless and will enhance your brand and build loyal brand ambassadors.

Your Company can be Reviewed in Many Places

There is a big advantage to having a review funnel as described, on your website.  It’s also important for you to be monitoring independent or third-party review sites as part of your reputation management strategy.

BS4G will ensure that you are listed on up to 70 search engines and directories.  With this paid service, you will be notified anytime you are reviewed.  We provide access to the review with the ability to post your response directly under the review.

Each one of these websites is a possible referral to your website. Further, Google uses these sites and boosts your search rank when your business appears across these sites. If someone clicks on your business after seeing your website information, you are notified about the referral.

Reputation management and the frequency and timeliness of reviews are one of the secret keys to internet success.  Find out more today and call Baltimore SEO for Growth.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise and start building that FIVE STAR rating!

Our reputation management program includes:

  • Capability to collect and highlight good customer reviews on your website
  • Email drip campaigns to request reviews from satisfied customers
  • Review monitoring and notifications
  • Review us business cards with the URL to link to your review page
  • Industry specific review sites, as well as Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Facebook
  • Mobile-friendly review process
  • Monthly reports on reputation, as well as recommendations

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