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The Separation of Website Design and Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is Wrong!

Typically, businesses hire a website designer when they decide they need a website or to redesign an existing website.  Professional design is important. It is your brand and should not look amateur or home-built.  However, design should not drive development. It should be SEO driven but not for just search engines, it must appeal to your ideal customers.

An agency or webmaster is chosen, often based on how well a company “designed” other websites.   SEO is an afterthought, or the web company tells you they build [SEO friendly] websites.  This is not SEO and, in our experience, falls woefully short of being sufficient to get you found on the internet.

SEO & Website Development Combined

Too many businesses spend thousands on website design only to be frustrated that they are not being found in the internet.  At Baltimore SEO for Growth, we do our homework upfront to ensure that your website comes out of the box fully optimized.

This does not mean the work of SEO and SEM is done, but it will save you money in the long term when you seek to be found on the internet and are told that you must pay to have your website issues fixed.

SEO For Growth

The highly acclaimed book of the same name broke the rules of traditional digital marketing.  Its premise is simple. SEO can’t be effective for long term business unless it is integrated into a holistic approach.  Since the entire purpose of SEO is to drive traffic to your website, it makes sense that a website not optimized is little more than a digital billboard in the wilderness of the internet.

How to Stop an Internet Surfer in Their Tracks

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You have less than 10 second to capture the interest of a web surfer. What do you do?

When visitors land on your home page they need to know if they have come to the right place.  Your logo and above-the-fold content (what appears in the browser without scrolling) must communicate:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • Why you are better

You must pay attention to this concept on all devices.

1. Make A Bold Statement

Think about why your visitor may have landed on your page.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What were they searching for?
  • What keywords did they use to get here?
  • How do I let them know they have landed on the perfect site?

2. Build Trust, Right From the Start

Websites do not have to be all about selling.  When we have defined your ideal customer, we can then imagine their buying journey.   People coming to your website may not be ready to buy. In fact, they rarely are.  Typically, they are looking for knowledge.  Give it to them.

A good example is this website.  Our ideal customer wants to be found on the internet.  They know that SEO is the way to do that.  They may have searched for this website by typing in SEO or Website design.   Are they ready to buy?  No.  They are evaluating, becoming educated, and looking for a trustworthy source that can help them understand the process.

Trust symbols go a long way.  BBB, certifications, positive reviews and free educational information are ways to establish that trust.

3. Make a Compelling Free Offer

We make an immediate offer on our home page.  Baltimore SEO for Growth offers them a free SEO analysis.  It is clearly offered on the home page.   With this tool, we can give our visitors valuable education. We request an email so that we can send the full report.  This is also so that we can nurture their interest and establish our thought leadership and expertise in our niche.

4. Use Powerful Images

Videos and Images are vital elements.  They help to engage in a significant way.  We recommend professional stock photos and where appropriate or professional photography or videography. Images are great for SEO if they are tagged properly so that search engines can read them.   Homegrown design is a quick way to send the wrong message.  Images should be in the same pallet as website color scheme where possible.

5. Get A Consultation

Want to talk Web Design or SEO?  There is much more to discuss. Baltimore SEO For Growth loves to share our expertise.  Call on us for a free 30-minute conversation.   Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your company. Get found and get leads!  That’s what it’s about.

We have several ways for you to gain the knowledge you need

Before we start any project, your appetite for information must be satisfied!

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